What is a Fanlisting. It is simply that, a listing of fans for a subject. Our subject is Lisa Chappell. We have been designing websites about Lisa Chappell for a number of years and finally moved to our own domain in May of 2004. The Lisa Chappell Fanlisting is just another way to show Lisa how many fans she has.

Lisa is most recognised from her role of Claire McLeod on McLeod's Daughters, but there is so much more to this amazing actress. She had been acting for many years in her home land of New Zealand before coming to Australia. Lisa is also a talented singer and writer. Claire McLeod was definately not the last we will see of Lisa Chappell. In August of 2004 Lisa started her appearances on Stingers as Megan Walsh. Lisa is currently recording her first CD please visit our website for more information.

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